Church History

Parish Time Line Events

1905/06         Annunciation Church Built – Architects G.F.Bodley & G.Gilbert Scott.

1954              Annunciation Presbytery Built

1955              St Edmund Campion (1st) Church Built 

1958              The Jesuits passed responsibility to the Diocese.

1958              Father John Moore appointed as Parish Priest

1959              Extension built at the Annunciation –

1963              Father William Dunphy appointed as Parish Priest

1981              New Church and Presbytery built at St Edmund Campion 

1982              Father Laurence McMaster appointed as Parish Priest of St EC

1984              Rev Michael Welch Ordained as Permanent Deacon

1990              Father Michael Feben appointed Parish Priest of the Annunciation

1994              Father Anthony Pennicott appointed as Parish Priest of the                        Annunciation

1996              Fr Michael Feben appointed as Parish Priest of St EC                        

1998              Father Anthony Pennicott appointed Parish Priest of

The Annunciation and St Edmund Campion Church

2003             Rev Barry Jennings Ordained as Permanent Deacon

2004              Father Marcus Brisley appointed as Parish Priest.

2009              The Parish becomes part of the new Bournemouth Pastoral Area.

2014              Father Bernardine Nsom appointed as Parish Priest

2022            Father Anthony Ikhenoba appointed as Parish Priest